Design features

  • Similar to our Thermal Manikin with head adapted to simulate breathing
  • Advanced breathing system operated with sinusoide inhale and exhale function
  • Breathing manikin with breathing direction and volume validated with real human data
  • Timing for inhale-pause-exhale-pause and volume of inhale and exhale is controlled from the PC
  • Optional gas valve for adding tracer gas to the exhale air
  • Optional exhale heater and humidifier to create warm 100% humid exhale air

Typical applications of breathing manikins

  • Ventilation and indoor air quality of buildings, cabins etc.
  • Spreading of aerosols in different environments

Technical specs

  • Parameters: Skin T, Heat flux, PMV, PPD, SET, ET, Teq, Clo
  • Body zones: 22 – 27 (or more on request)
  • Modes: Comfort mode, Operative T, PID fixed setpoint and fixed heat loss
  • Body size: Male 175 cm, Female 168 cm, 20 kg
  • Powersupply: 100 / 240 V in, 24 V DC out
  • Heat loss: Range 0 – 300 W/m2, resolution 0,1 W/m2, precision 1%
  • Temperature: Range 15 – 45 C, resolution 0,1 C, precision 0,1 C
  • Breathing manikin’s body can be separated in the waist for easy transport