PT Teknik Male manikin used for general research in building design and thermal comfort

The manikin is used by the students and researchers of the Department of Building Physics at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany.

Some of the research projects completed with the help of the manikin include:

  • Microenvironment around the body
  • Personalized ventilation
  • Personalized radiant heating and cooling
  • Heated/cooled office chair
  • Flow visualization with schlieren mirror
  • Flow visualization with background oriented schlieren (BOS)

Feedback from researcher Hayder Alsaad at Bauhaus-University Weimar:

“The manikin is highly stable and durable. It pulled through long operation times and constant relocation between our labs. It is also easy to use and easy to calibrate. The software of the manikin is straight forward and allows flexible control over the operation modes of the manikin.

Great research tool, we highly recommend it!”