In 1979 an old thermal manikin was updated with new generation control system on Technical University of Denmark by Peter Trans.

This manikin was used for large research projects during the following years. In that period PT was occupied by performing tests with the manikin and developing custom-made equipment for research.

In 1984 development of a new generation thermal manikin was started at DTU. The wiring and control system was developed by Mr. Trans. The result was a manikin so convincing, that visiting researchers from many countries wanted to order one.

PT Teknik was founded in 1988 by Peter Trans.

Some of the tasks were:

  • Control of climate system in cars
  • Measurement of water consumption in clothing as function of time
  • Control of air flow system in solar heated low energy housesMonitoring and control equipment for solar energy
  • Unique censors for special purposes

In 1996 PT Teknik started manufacturing thermal manikins after updating hardware and software. In 2001 the new generation manikin with internal intelligent control system was ready.

The new manikin has been sold all over the world. A new task has been to modify many of the first manikins to the newest version with internal intelligent control system.